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Cluebebe Coveria Petite

Cloth Diapers Cluebebe Coveria Petite is a local production of cloth diapers all in the cover or two. Washing diapers are modern cloth diapers to use from new born until weight around 8kg.

Insert used in Cluebebe Coveria is insert sty Petite petite cleaning. PUL using durable microfiber material laminated urethane. Or the inner layer of the skin of the baby is antipil microfleece.

This cloth diaper types of adhesives used in the waist is velro type or hook loop. The available options are the outer cover is patterned or plain solid.

For the plain consists of the colors red, blue, salmon pink, gray, green, and orange. While the motive is cars, giraffe, elephant, ladybugs, monkey, turtle, crab, penguin, star, outerspace, batik.

Photos - photo Cluebebe Coveria Petite cloth diapers can be viewed at: Cluebebe Coveria Petite

Inquiries and reservations please contact sales Nashwashop at: BBM pin 29013156, 0819 0665 6310, 0856 9106 6779, 0813 1745 7779, YM or Gtalk nashwashop nashwashopdotco.

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