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Cluebebe Pocket Classic

Cluebebe Pocket Classic

Size of use: For New Born / NB up to 15kg.

One Size Pocket System:

Cloth Diaper with pocket type bag system using the materials - materials chosen are soft and pliable so it makes us feel good baby.

Cloth material.

In the selection of fabric material, Cluebebe pick and sort through the material of the various components, materials imported cloth diapers next option was developed jointly experienced local mills to produce fabric material better.

PUL (polyurethane laminate):

Outer Waterproof Pocket Classic Cluebebe composed of laminated POLYESTER MICROFIBER durable urethane, so it would be seen PUL cluebebe not stiff, very lambut and flexible, so it feels comfortable skin softness and smoothness bayi.Bisa than PUL outer cluebebe with other cloth diapers.

Breathable microfleece:

With staydry of soft microfleece inner antipil, baby will stay dry skin Maski pee baby are many, also the air circulation will be maintained so that the skin will always be COOL and comfortable.

Tight & Durable Hook & Loop (Velcro):

Component adhesive (velcro) Cluebebe using adhesive YKK YKK Indonesia Japan produced a quality adhesive ensures a strong and durable in use.

Plastic Snap:

Plastic snap Classic Pocket Cluebebe best use plastic snap a sturdy, durable and fasionalble.


Rubber elastic rubber elasic cluebebe selected best convenient and durable, soft yet strong enough thigh circumference and waist tie baby,

Insert Stay Dry:

INSERT Cluebebe Pocket Classic consists of 3 layers of microfiber and a layer of stay dry microfiber microfleece.Cluebebe nenggunakan with the best-quality, so that the absorption ompol work with this staydry baik.Insert trdiri of 2 sizes, ie, Petite and Large.

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